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How Pilates Can Ease Back Pain

By Jodi Melton For those that are experiencing back pain and are looking for a natural solution, there are proven results for relief from back

How Pilates Can Help with Your Everyday Alignment

Although our bodies are a true marvel of evolution, there are many moving variables and sometimes the systems within our bodies can get out of

Pilates: Mat vs. Reformer

Mat and Reformer Pilates are beneficial for building strength in your core and small muscle groups. Both modalities train you to initiate from your core

Pilates: The Who, What, Why, Where, When and How

Chances are you’ve heard of Pilates – maybe it was a friend raving about how fun it was or a co-worker telling you their core

5 Things Smart Athletes Know About Pilates

Have you ever noticed that some athletes, like Olympians for instance, seem to have a superhuman ability to maintain their edge? Of course, even top

The Evolution of Pilates

If you were one of the first people that jumped on the Pilates bandwagon (and then fell off), now is the time to get back