The Importance of Clean Beauty Products

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By Remi Martin, Hair Stylist at The Village We do our best to create healthy habits most of the time; to eat clean and put things in and on our bodies that are good for us and make us feel our best. “Superfoods” have gone viral. And in 2020, we have the opportunity, and the… Continue reading The Importance of Clean Beauty Products

The Benefits of Jade Rolling

Macro close up side view of woman having beauty treatment in spa.Therapist applying jade roller on forehead.

By Julie Bloom, Ocotillo Village Aesthetician After our rooftop event for the Spa at Ocotillo Village, I was inspired to offer more knowledge on jade rolling. I had so many inquisitive guests asking, “what does jade rolling do?” Jade rolling has many benefits for skin health! Continue reading to find out just how amazing jade rollers can be… Continue reading The Benefits of Jade Rolling

7 Trending Hairstyles That Are Post Workout Approved

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By Molly Cerreta Smith When you’re at the Village Health Clubs and Spasgetting your workout in, you may think to yourself “gym hair, don’t care,” but once the workout is done and start your day, you’ll want a trendy style to show off. Here, we check out the latest trends in hairstyles — and easy… Continue reading 7 Trending Hairstyles That Are Post Workout Approved

3 Tips for Escaping the Holiday Rush with Stress-Relieving Strategies and Treatments

Everyone knows that once Thanksgiving hits, the holiday hustle and bustle begins! Holidays should be about enjoying family, loved ones and celebrating the reason for the season, but somehow it becomes a   stressful time of year for many people.

How to Fuel the Body After Spin Class

By: Kristina Hallberg If you are a spinning or cycling machine, you want to fuel your body so you are not only energized on the bike but also helps you recover from your ride quicker. I get it many cycle and spin-junkies have a love-hate relationship with the bike. But isn’t that what keeps you… Continue reading How to Fuel the Body After Spin Class

The Beauty Breakdown: Learning The Difference Between Dermaplane, Microdermabrasion and Microneedling

There are countless options today for beautification, keeping the skin looking young, supple and glowing without surgery. (Yay!) But with all the options, defining your needs can be a little confusing. Here we define a few of the most popular options and their benefits for your skin.

Get That Summer Glow, Safely

During Arizona summers, we all want to look our best and that includes having a golden tan! But, as we all know, the sun is so damaging to our skin that we layer up the sunscreen during this season. So how do we save our skin and still get that bronzed look? One of the safest alternatives is… Continue reading Get That Summer Glow, Safely

Getting a Youthful Look at The Village Spa Bar

The Village Spa Bar was created to meet the needs of guests and members who are looking for more result-focused treatments. These more medically advanced treatments are done using stronger pharmaceutical grade products than would be used in a basic facial. In an effort to expose our guests to these treatments, a monthly special was created.… Continue reading Getting a Youthful Look at The Village Spa Bar

Life is Better with Massage

By Danielle Fix,  Lead Therapist – Gainey Simply stated, massage is the manual manipulation of muscles, tendons and connective tissues,helping to improve flexibility, circulation and accelerate recovery from injury or strenuous activity. Additionally, massage instigates the release of serotonin and oxytocin – the “happy hormones” that reduce psychological stress and can lower blood pressure, among… Continue reading Life is Better with Massage

What’s the Deal with peels? Rounds 2 and 3

Ever heard of an enhanced Jessner’s peel? You’re about to! Read on about Social Media Manager Libby’s latest dive into PCA Peels.