In the Swing – Off Court Strengthening Pays Off at the Baseline

By Meggan Barnett, Personal Trainer The Village Health Club and Spas, DC Ranch You’re spending several hours a week on the courts; practicing your footwork, improving your fitness and perfecting your swing. Yet, you’re stalled, maybe plateaued, and not seeing much progress. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s what you’re not doing.

Fun, Friendship & Community – Running Together is Better

By Abby Luedecke, Triathlon Coordinator at the Village DC Ranch Running, for the most part, is a solo sport. Many of us run to clear the mind, relieve stress, and give us time for self-reflection. Who couldn’t use some “alone time” every day? However, after 15 years of running, I’ve come to realize the invaluable… Continue reading Fun, Friendship & Community – Running Together is Better

Lucky Seven Yoga Poses for Runners

How Many Runners Practice Yoga Today? According to the 2016 Yoga in America Study (conducted by the Yoga Journal, Yoga Alliance and Ipsos Public Affairs) there are 36.7 million people practicing yoga and 79% of those people also engage in running, cycling or weight lifting. Why? Yoga is just flat out good for you, it… Continue reading Lucky Seven Yoga Poses for Runners

Train Like an Olympian

Every four years, millions of us are glued to our televisions to witness the world’s most elite athletes competing at the pinnacle of their sport in the Summer Olympics. It’s a given that Olympic athletes are born with a certain amount of natural talent, but rarely does one make it to the Games without putting… Continue reading Train Like an Olympian