The Effect of Exercise on Mental Health

Exercise also has a significant influence on our mental health. Regular exercise helps improve mental health by reducing stress levels, sharpening memory, regulating sleep cycles, and providing opportunities for socialization.

Yoga for Everyone


Village yoga instructor, P. Casey Maples, shares how yoga is beneficial to everyone’s health and fitness routine.

4 Exercise Principles to Boost the Immune System

Regular exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle and can even prevent infection and boost the immune system when practiced correctly. It is important to learn how much, how intense, how long, and what type of exercise is best to support your immune system without overworking yourself.

Spring Foods for a Healthy Body

Seasonal Spring Foods for a Healthy Body Springtime is here, meaning beautiful weather, lots of sunshine, and time outdoors, and nature seems to be showing off with an abundance in bloom. But spring also means that a new harvest of vibrant and delicious fruits and vegetables are in season. Village dietitian, Jamie Miller, has the… Continue reading Spring Foods for a Healthy Body

Tips for Fitness Beginners

A senior man and a male trainer are indoors in a fitness center. They are wearing casual athletic clothing. The man is lifting weights with the guidance of the trainer.

By now we are well into 2022 and for those that are still tackling their New Year’s Resolutions — keep at it! For those that are looking to gear up for summer, getting back into a fitness routine can be a great way to look good and feel good. But for those that haven’t been… Continue reading Tips for Fitness Beginners

Junk Food Clean Out: The Right Way

Fresh steamed edamame sprinkled with sea salt on a rustic tabletop.

After neverending holiday parties, countless cookies, and maybe one too many cocktails, our bodies are often craving a clean break from all the indulgences by the time January hits. While there’s no need for a crash diet or an extreme detox, clearing out the sugar and processed foods can help create steady energy, maintain our… Continue reading Junk Food Clean Out: The Right Way

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer

Happy young Caucasian woman arriving to the gym, high fiving her fitness instructor and smiling

A new year is a great time to start a new workout routine. And if you really want to get started on the right foot, working with a personal trainer can help maximize your workout efforts. Here are 10 reasons to get a personal trainer: Injury Prevention When you’re injured, you can’t move. If you… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer

Tennis Workouts to Improve Your On-Court Performance

A top view of a professional female tennis player having just served the ball during a tennis match. The athlete wears a white tennis top with red skirt, and is playing on a tennis court with a blue and green hard surface in hot and sunny conditions during the day.

By Shelby Andersson, Ocotillo Village Tennis Pro Tennis players that are looking to improve the performance out on the court can do so off the court! There is a multitude of traditional workouts that can help players up their game, but it all comes down to strength training. Let’s break it down:   Strength Training… Continue reading Tennis Workouts to Improve Your On-Court Performance

A Not-So-Typical Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving traditional festive food background with blank space for a text, overhead view

By Village Dietitian, Jamie Miller   Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn… we all know the veteran dishes to a typical Thanksgiving dinner. But what if that seems too time consuming, a little boring or like too much food for a smaller crowd? Or what if there’s a guest attending your dinner with special… Continue reading A Not-So-Typical Thanksgiving Dinner

The Benefits of Body Scrubs

Orange body scrub with sugar and coconut oil in glass jar on black table. Homemade cosmetic for peeling and spa care

By Heather Blascak, Lead Massage Therapist for the Village Health Clubs & Spas   Many people equate body scrubs to summertime. Bathing suits, shorts and tank tops make us think of perfecting our skin in order to show it off. In actuality, however, winter is the most beneficial time to exfoliate our skin. That dry,… Continue reading The Benefits of Body Scrubs