Fun Workout Ideas for the Whole Family

A family is working out together at the gym. They are doing sit-ups on an exercise mat.

Modern day life makes it hard to stay moving. A family workout can help everyone stay active and increase your quality time together!

Balanced Snacks that Satisfy

When you need fuel between meals, what are the best things to reach for? Village dietitian, Jamie Miller, helps us choose balanced snacks.

Personal Training New Member Orientation

The best way to get started on your fitness goals is to sign up for your New Member Orientation with one of our personal trainers.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas to Nourish your Kids

Village dietitian, Jamie Miller, has some helpful tips to nourish our children with healthy school lunch ideas in this back to school season.

Hairstyles to Keep you Cool this Summer

Summer is here and rising temperatures have many considering short hairstyles. Let’s break down some of the top styles to keep you cool.

Workouts to Cure Summer Boredom

The best cure for summer boredom is an amazing workout. Staying active will burn extra energy and provide benefits for your body and mind.

Eat Your Vegetables!

Village dietitian, Jamie Miller, shares the benefits of prioritizing vegetables and also provides ten delicious vegetable recipes that will get you excited to fill your plate with some of nature’s most nourishing foods.

Top Five Weight Training Exercises for Runners

One common mistake many runners make is not incorporating weight training into their weekly regimen or treating it as supplemental instead of essential. You may reach many of your goals with cardiovascular training as your only source of conditioning, but that road does not often lead to longevity and superior performance.

Spa Treatments that Leave you Feeling your Best

An important component to wellness is pampering self-care with indulgent spa treatments. Spa treatments should be incorporated into your wellness plan for physical and internal results.

The Effect of Exercise on Mental Health

Exercise also has a significant influence on our mental health. Regular exercise helps improve mental health by reducing stress levels, sharpening memory, regulating sleep cycles, and providing opportunities for socialization.