Barbara Sarnataro

Barbara is a classically-trained, PMA-certified Pilates teacher who has been teaching Pilates since 2001. She is also an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, teaching group formats in Spin and barre. Barbara has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Arizona and does freelance writing and commercial voice-over work. Born in Connecticut, Barbara moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in July 2017 from Little Rock, Arkansas, where she previously lived for 17 years. Pilates changed the way Barbara looked at fitness. After practicing, she felt stronger, more balanced and more flexible. She loves teaching clients how to move more efficiently, build core strength, improve posture, lengthen muscles, and achieve body symmetry. Barbara’s strength is her ability to articulate the details of an exercise and offer excellent visualization for clients to get deep and really feel their bodies working and changing. “I want them to learn a new vocabulary and a new way of moving their bodies that will be with them driving, on the court, on a run, or carrying the groceries into the house.