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    Cami Gaines
  • Garry Rogers
    Garry Rogers
  • Gina Sproviero
    Gina Sproviero
  • Heidi Grangaard
    Heidi Grangaard
  • Jennifer Hinsberger
    Jennifer Hinsberger
  • Julie Poplawski
    Julie Poplawski
  • Linda Hertzberg
    Linda Hertzberg
  • Rachel Gardner
    Rachel Gardner
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    Sarah Pyper
Cami Gaines

Cami has always loved fitness of all types and fell in love with mat Pilates at a very young age after watching an infomercial and begging for the at home videos. She was later introduced to equipment Pilates as a young adult. Finally in 2015 and pregnant with her first child she decided to become certified as a PSC instructor. Learning while pregnant gave her many incites as she worked closely with her mentor. Cami loves working with all ages and levels but has a special love for post baby mom’s since she can testify first hand what Pilates can do to heal and strengthen the body.  Cami loves teaching all types of Pilates and new variations, she is also a group fitness and Barre instructor.

Garry Rogers


Camelback Village Pilates Trainer LMT, CFT ll

Garry has an associate’s degree in communications and a bachelor’s degree in applied behavioral science.

As a regional touring professional bowler, Garry suffered an injury. This life changing event led him to Pilates for rehabilitation.

Garry studied under master teachers Romana KrysanowskaandBobLiekens. Heisalicensed massage therapist specializing in medical massage. He is certified in the cranial release technique and is a certified flexibility trainer in the Stretch-to-Win technique.

Garry says that Pilates changed his life for the be er. Not only will it make you stronger, it will empower you to take on any exercise program you choose.

Gina Sproviero


Camelback Village Pilates Trainer Certified Pilates and GYROTONIC® Trainer

Gina has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in dietetics. She completed Pilates training through both Sto and PhysicalMind.

“While Pilates moves one’s body in a linear fashion to strengthen, GYROTONIC® moves the body in a spiraling motion to create strength and mobility too”, saysGina. Thesetwodisciplinescomplementeach other. She got her GYROTONIC® certification at the national training center in Miami with its creator, Juliu Horvath.

Gina is also certified in Cardiolates and TRX. If you add up all the disciplines that Gina has under her belt, anyone can see she is commi ed to helping her clients achieve a strong, healthy body through a nurtured mind/body connection taught by a passionate teacher.

Heidi Grangaard

Heidi completed her Pilates certification through the Pilates Sports Center (PSC), which included Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel. She has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer since 2003. Just as she enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals, in 2006 she decided to reach a personal goal, making it to the stage of Ms. Fitness USA. After five years of competing, she was motivated to learn everything about fitness to make it a full-time career. Through the years she has earned various certifications, including TRX, Burn at the Barre, and her 500-hour yoga certification. Along with her high energy, her creativity definitely shows up in the classes and private clients she instructs. Heidi is a creative thinker with a journalism degree from Arizona State University. She still uses her journalism skills as a contributing writer for the online publication, FITT.

Jennifer Hinsberger


Camelback Village Pilates Trainer

Jennifer has been working at Camelback Village since1995. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, exercise physiology and a master’s degree in physical therapy from Wichita State University.

In addition to teaching Pilates for over 10 years and group exercise classes even longer, Jennifer has been in the fitness industry since 1983. She completed all of her Pilates apparatus training through STOTT Pilates International.

A consummate teacher, Jennifer guides her clients in the power of neuro-muscular re-education and strengthening with mindful purpose.

Jennifer has danced on point, played tennis, run track, and competed in the National Aerobic Championships.

Julie Poplawski


Camelback Village Pilates Trainer

Julie has been teaching group fitness classes since 1991. As a student at USC, she taught hi-impact, indoor rowing, cycling, and competed on the school’s surf club team.

Julie has written a book on weight loss through portion control titled Fill Your Cup, and teaches cycle and hardcore Pilates classes.

She holds a business degree from USC, completed her Pilates training through PhysicalMind with a mentorship with Kelly Kane in New York City and has completed Schwinn’s cycle training program.

She believes you are stronger than you think and that Pilates can lead to a deeper understanding of your body’s strength connections.

Linda Hertzberg


Camelback Village Certified Pilates Instructor

Linda holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and secondary education from Arizona State University. She grew up playing baseball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, dancing, running track, and eventually tennis when the Village opened. She started her own fitness business over 30 years ago and has been committed to excellence in fitness programming and to the people using those programs ever since.

Linda completed her Pilates apparatus training with STOTT Pilates International and is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). She is one of only 15 GYROTONIC® certified trainers in the Phoenix area. She is also certified in Zumba I & II, Schwinn Cycling, BOSU, Urban Rebounding, and CoreAlign through Balanced Body Pilates.

Rachel Gardner


Camelback Village Pilates Trainer ACE-CPT, PMA-CPT

Rachel earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from Arizona State University. She’s been teaching Pilates since 2008, having trained in the Balanced Body method. She completed the nationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance certification in 2013.

Rachel was the head trainer for the City of Glendale’s aqua exercise program. She has competed in triathlons and open-water swims such as Escaping Alcatraz, and led backpacking adventures to the Grand Canyon, Paria Canyon, and Yosemite.

At the Village, Rachel combined the power of water with Pilates principles and came up with “Poolates,” one of her favorite classes to teach. She is also trained in TRX suspension training and is a TRX Ripp trainer.

Sarah Pyper


Camelback Village Pilates Trainer PMA-CPT, AFFA-GFI

Sarah has taught virtually every kind of class offered at the Village including Hi & Lo impact, Kickboxing, Slide, Urban Rebounding, Step, Interval, Strength, Core, Bosu, Cycle, DOGA, and Pilates.

Sarah has focused on Pilates training for the last 15 years. Her philosophy is “love what you do and you’ll keep doing it.” She believes in making a caring connection with each client so they can achieve a true mind/body/spirit connection.

She loves to travel, hike, visit her two college-age daughters, volunteer at the Small Dog Animal Rescue and is an entrepreneur who is writing a book and holding annual Bliss Boutiques to benefit charity.