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Exceptional Experiences

Enjoy events, trips and gatherings that support the social side of healthy living. It’s a great way to spend time with friends or make new ones. Join us for a happy hour, a cooking class, a local hike, or a big trip, the opportunities are endless. Creating lasting memories and lifelong friendships is all part of healthy living.

Relax and Refresh

Prepare to be pampered. Our full-service spas and salons will invigorate your mind and body. Leave your worries at the door and come let us take care of you. Relaxation is important for recovery and a day at the spa is just what you need. Our experienced technicians will customize your treatments and focus on your wellbeing. 

Complete Wellness

Take care of your mind and body with our health and wellness offerings. From meditation classes to physical therapy. We have everything you need at the club to attain your best physical and mental health outcomes. Make your well-being your number one priority. Let us help you reduce your stress and leave feeling restored.

World Class Fitness

Spacious state-of-the-art facilities, premium equipment, professional instructors and trainers, and dynamic programming designed to take your body to a new level of fitness. From beginners to professional athletes, we have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. We personalize your fitness journey to keep you motivated.


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General FAQ​

We mail out guest passes to members twice a year to the address we have on file for them.  Membership can also assist with guest passes. Members can also purchase a guest pass for $20 for a guest at the Welcome Desk

We have a QR-code at The Welcome Desk and in Membership you can use to get your registered for the rewards program. From the app go explore and register if it is your first time, see membership for assistance.   

 See membership or ask the Welcome desk who each club dedicate person is to assist.

The membership staff will have all member pricing and promotions

Through the app, member portal, or go to membership or accounting.

You can bring as many guests as you like if the same guest only visits 2x per month.  We require to pay the appropriate guest fee or have guest passes.  2x visit maximum per month per guest

Nonmembers cannot register for classes as they are not set up in the system. You can contact membership and they may register your guest. Also, if there are spots available 5 minutes before class, your guest can join the class. 

If they are service animal (dog) and are on a leash. 

Students need to be 14 and older and on the family membership to work out in the club unsupervised. Students need to be 16 and older to be alone in the pool area.  We do have a junior certification program for students 10-13 to be permitted to work out on their own, but again they need to attend the class and be on the family membership. The junior certification explains how to use the club and what areas and equipment they can use.