Hear Our Stories.

“Physical exercise and mental health are so important.

I know it helped me to remain calm and optimistic during the pandemic to have the Village as an outlet.”

Megan, DC Ranch Village member

“I felt welcomed by coming back

…with all the level of attention to cleanliness and sanitation here at the Village.”

Rahsaan, Ocotillo Village member

“As both a doctor as well as a member,

…I really appreciate the fact that the Village did such a great job at keeping both the staff as well the members safe.”

Dr. Brad, Camelback Village member

“We felt the staff did an excellent job

…in making us feel safe and taking all the precautionary measures to keep everyone healthy.”

Kristin, Gainey Village member

“The staff here welcomed us.

It was nice to see everything clean and well managed, so we felt very safe.”

Dr. Monte & Dr. Linda, DC Ranch Village members

“The facility is just great.

You are able to breathe easy. They’re wiping down everything.”

Lou, Ocotillo Village member

“When I come to the Village it’s the same but different.

They’ve stepped up their cleaning game and it’s pretty impressive.”

Chris and Ashlee, Camelback Village members

“When it comes to cleanliness of the club,

…I feel that they are more on top of it than any other place that I go to or experience.”

Maria, Gainey Village member

“It feels tremendous.

I missed it greatly while we were gone. It is part of my routine that I treasure.”

Dr. Ira & Patty, DC Ranch Village members

“Being back at the Village really helped clear my mind.

It made me feel like I’m back to normal again.”

Faithie & Anna, Ocotillo Village members

“I prefer tennis during COVID because it’s a great way to be outdoors

…and still maintain activity and be social while being distant on the court.”

Susan, Camelback Village member

“It’s the cleanest that I have ever seen any club.

It is good to be back and get back to your routine.”

Dan, Gainey Village member

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What the Village has always been about…

“When I wake up in the morning I now see healthy, strong me.

I’d been out of the gym for so long and I knew I needed help. And that’s why I joined the Village. When I first started I told Aaron I hated to sweat. He told me, ‘get used to that!'”

Caitlyn, DC Ranch Village member

A very social place.

The Village is definitely more than a gym. For me, it is worth every dime because it is a social club. I can’t imagine not taking advantage of all the Village has to offer.”

Nancy, Gainey Village Member

“When I cross the finish line, I know my team is going to be there.

We wanted to have a place that would be more family oriented. We didn’t want just a regular gym. And from a training perspective, everything that we need to be able to race we have here.”

Eduardo and Daniella, Ocotillo Village Members

“Second to none.

I play tennis almost every day. The ambiance of the tennis facility, the view, the cleanliness, the amenities available on the tennis courts – are second to none.”

Usman, Camelback Village Member

“Amazing at any hour of the day.

The Village is like a second home to us. What we have found being members now for 3 and a half years, is the variety and the number of group classes are amazing at any hour of the day.”

Jan and Jerry, DC Ranch Village Members

“More than just a gym.

For me, the Village is more than just a gym, it’s a place to enjoy ourselves and to work to become a healthier version of me.”

Ryan, Gainey Village Member