Camelback Tennis Experts

Brian Cheney

Brian graduated from University of Arizona and became an Air Force Instructor Pilot before transitioning into teaching tennis.  Brian was Tennis Director at the Village from 1976 to 2015 and has transitioned to Professional Emeritus.  His favorite places to visit are Maui and Switzerland.  His hobbies include hiking and gardening, including tending the Village Rose Garden.

Cheryl Kindred

Cheryl is always in need of vitamin Sea. Traveling is her favorite pastime. Mango is her favorite fruit. She is always ready to go on an adventure.

Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan strives to always try something new. After tennis – food, music, family and friends fuel his days.

Jeffrey Smallwood

Jeffrey is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He loves traveling the world wherever the beaches are. He’s also a professional wedding photographer.

Marisa Johnson

Marisa was born and raised in Fayetteville, NC and started tennis at age nine. She went on to play at Brigham Young University Hawaii and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. She left with an undefeated tennis record and the team was nationally ranked at #2 and #3 throughout the years she attended.

Mike Alvarez

Head Tennis Pro

Mike is from Minnesota, where he graduated from St. Cloud State University. While in school he played and coached for the Men’s Tennis Team.  In his spare time Mike enjoys playing golf and working out at the gym.  As a Professional Tennis Instructor, Mike has been certified by both the USPTA and the PTR for over 30 years.  Mike has been working with DMB clubs for over 25 years.

Rob Milsop

Rob grew up in Phoenix. He attended Arcadia High School, followed by 2 years at the, just opened, Scottsdale Community College, and then matriculated to BYU in Provo, Utah.  As a star baseball player, Rob earned accolades at all levels of play.  He was an All-State H.S player at Arcadia–followed by being named the 1st All-American baseball player at S.C.C. After moving on to BYU, he was voted Most Valuable Player in both his Jr. and Sr. baseball seasons.  Rob was then signed to play Professional Baseball with the California Angels. As an aging athlete, he especially appreciates ADVIL.

Tamir Dossiea

Tamir grew up in Chicago where he was a top-ranked Jr before going on to play college tennis for the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is passionate about tennis and technology and has helped launch the startup phase of two tennis technology companies. The French Riviera is his favorite place to vacation, and he is an avid movie buff…… be sure to test him at the game “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”!

Austin Todd

Austin is from Lubbock, Texas and played college tennis for Ottawa University in Surprise. He is a certified pro-level tennis teacher through the Professional Tennis Registry and focuses heavily on having fun and developing people’s games at all levels. His favorite shot is the “tweener” so be careful with that lob.

Sammi Hampton

Sammi loves sharing her passion for the game with everyone. She believes that tennis is not only a great way to get into shape and compete, but is also a great way to teach life lessons. Be prepared to leave the court smiling after you see Sammi, but don’t let her positive attitude and smile deceive you… she is a fierce competitor!