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Camelback Yoga Experts

Julieann Hathaway

Julieann Hathaway has been a Certified Yoga Instructor for 20 years. She became interested in yoga due to a back injury. When the yoga helped bring her out of her pain she knew she had to share the benefits with others and that is how her teaching career began. She has had the great fortune of studying with numerous local, national and internationally acclaimed yoga masters. Julie also holds certifications in Stretch Techniques, Barre, and Mixed Fit. She mixes traditional methods with creative movement as inspired by her 25 years Classical Russian Ballet background. Blending compassion, knowledge, and creative expression, Julieann has designed an eclectic style enjoyed by all ages and practice levels.

Kelly Emme

For over 3 decades Kelly has enjoyed teaching people the joy of movement and the peace that comes from being still. Her classes are an eclectic blend of her many wise and kind teachers, combining movement, breathwork, philosophy, and meditation.  And of course, no class is complete without the soothing sounds of her crystal meditation bowls!  Kelly holds certificates in yoga, meditation and is a certified integrative health coach. Since 2012 she has led retreats combining yoga, meditation, and healthy cooking. She believes true health begins within. When we nourish our heart, mind, and spirit the body will be well.

Meghan Saul

Meghan teaches everything from hot yoga and power flow to meditation and restorative. She enjoys working with humans of all ages and is grateful to call the Village her home. When newcomers feel concerned that they “aren’t good at yoga,” she’s the first to remind them, “If you’re breathing, you’re succeeding.” That’s truly all it takes.