Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports. The Village offers a range of group workouts for triathletes including master swim classes, rides, and runs. Traditional group fitness classes the Village offers such as yoga, kinesis, cycle, and strength training compliment a triathlete’s training regime. The Village also partners with the TriScottsdale Tri Club and the Women’s Cycling Group NWLB to offer our members even more group training options.

Triathlon Coordinator Abby Luedecke is on staff to answer all your triathlon needs from how to get started, what gear to buy, upcoming clinics, what races to do, and provide coaching and motivation.


Cycling, along with Triathlon, has seen enormous growth in the past few years. The Village clubs are ideally located, taking advantage of great cycling routes. Join in on one of our weekly early morning group rides and occasional out of town group rides.


The Village offers outdoor group runs year round in the early morning. We offer speed workouts, long runs, and hill runs. All levels are welcome. Start the day off right with a group run.


The Village offers Master Swim classes at all our Clubs at various times during the week. Master Swim classes are guided workouts about an hour long, all levels welcome.

Where do you want to train?

Find information on local training times, workouts and events below.