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Gain access to an extensive collection of step-by-step tutorials and expert guidance that will empower you to master various fitness equipment. Whether it’s treadmills, weight machines, or more, our videos are your ultimate resource for maximizing your workouts. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to optimal results. Click now to embark on your fitness journey with Equipment How-To Videos, your key to success at Village Clubs.

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a great way to make working out part of a routine. Your instructor will guide you thought the class and over time you will develop friendships with your fellow members and hold each other accountable for showing up. There are a variety of classes offered from beginner to advanced.

Personal Training

Your fitness is personal, and your routine should be designed based on your interests and results. We have a variety of Personal Trainers that specialize in many different areas of fitness. Find the Village trainer that is right for you and together set your customized plan for a healthy lifestyle.


Looking for a mix of Group Fitness and Personal Training? Give Kinesis a try. This resistance training workout is taught by a Village trainer and will have you strengthening your muscles and increasing your heart rate with some cardio. Get ready to burn some calories and feel sore the next day. 

Gainey XFit Sport

Gainey Village offers an intense fitness experience with XFit Sport. Our specialized trainers, or as we like to call them coaches, will get you box jumping, weightlifting, rowing and more. In these small group classes, our coaches provide individual support, watch for proper form, and monitor your progress.