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Get Energized

Choose from a variety of the best fitness classes on the planet! Our talented instructors make your exercise time more productive and fun. Whether you want an indoor boot camp-type class, high-intensity cycling, or outdoor water fitness – you’ll be part of the group from day one.


Try Zumba Today!

  • It’s all the rage. Part dance party, part calorie blasting, tummy toning, body sculpting workout. Zumba will quickly become the class you can’t wait to get to.

Pilates: Some Say it Works Like Magic

Eighty years ago, Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara, developed a system of over 500 exercises designed to develop a balanced body with strong, flexible muscles to promote better posture and optimal physical and mental well-being.

Experience for yourself this unique form of physical conditioning that stimulates deep core stabilization against increasing challenges from body position or added resistance to improve total strength, spinal alignment, balance, breathing, endurance, and control through intense mind/body connection. Mat Pilates classes are offered as part of our group exercise schedule.

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