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Multiple studios all under one roof. Professional instructors offering a variety of over a hundred of the best fitness classes a week.

Our talented instructors make your exercise time more productive and fun. Whether you want an indoor boot camp-type class, high-intensity cycling, yoga, barre or outdoor water fitness, we offer plenty of classes to choose from. 

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Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, so you don’t get burnt out or injured. We offer a variety of classes at different levels of intensity so you can vary your workouts and benefit from active recovery and cross-training. Mixing up your training by taking cardio, strength and flexibility classes helps you increase full-body fitness.

Some of our most popular classes include:


Barre Studio in Scottsdale, AZ

Barre-based classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength combined with high reps of small-range-of-motion movements. At times this class may incorporate handheld weights and additional equipment.

Indoor Cycle

Group Fitness at the Village in PhoenixAn intense cardiovascular workout that closely resembles a ride on the road.

Boot Camp

CrossFit at the Village Health ClubsA challenging class that combines athletic drills, simulated sports moves, calisthenics and more. You will use lots of props and burn tons of calories. You can work at your own pace in this class, but your coach will motivate you to the max.



Latin and other exotic international dance rhythms will rock your world. This is a fun, high-energy, fat-burning class.

Deep Stretch

Yoga Stretch Scottsdale Phoenix AZ

This class will help to increase muscle flexibility and agility while preventing injury. These deep, intensive stretch therapy techniques allow muscles to relax and reach their full length.