Get in the Game

It’s an action-packed vision of group effort and performance. Basketball is exciting. It’s loud. It’s brash. It’s a highly sophisticated team game that uses strategic team maneuvers to fake opponents out, to out-pace, and to score with wild precision. And at the Village, basketball is pure camaraderie and fun. We help match players to create great team experiences.

Our goal is to keep the game both competitive and good-natured.  It’s a great way to enjoy others and get one of the best aerobic workouts possible. Pick-up games happen every day. For kids, we have junior programs that often lead to college scholarships. We have leagues and tournaments for all players. Play on pristine courts with professional instructors who care that you’re getting the most from the game.

Adult Basketball

One of our popular traditions at the Village is our basketball program. Whether you’re just beginning to learn the game or a “veteran” who has grown to love the game, you can find the action here! Organized adult pick-up play, professional training, leagues and clinics are just the start. Women are encouraged to participate in all programs.

Junior Basketball

Junior basketball is available for Village members between the ages of 5 and 12. Leagues are offered twice a year. Junior basketball leagues are open to both boys and girls.


are designed for children ages 5 to 12 years. Juniors will have the opportunity to develop their skills through actual play of the game. They will learn the key elements of dribbling, passing and shooting. We inspire teamwork, hard work and FUN at every age level!


Village basketball clinics are designed to develop or enhance children’s skill levels depending on their previous experience. Clinics vary in instruction from the basic rules and regulations to the more in-depth parts of the game by adjusting the degree of competition.