A Not-So-Typical Thanksgiving Dinner

By Village Dietitian, Jamie Miller   Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn… we all know the veteran dishes to a typical Thanksgiving dinner. But what if that seems too time consuming, a little boring or like too much food for a smaller crowd? Or what if there’s a guest attending your dinner with special […]

The Benefits of Body Scrubs

By Heather Blascak, Lead Massage Therapist for the Village Health Clubs & Spas   Many people equate body scrubs to summertime. Bathing suits, shorts and tank tops make us think of perfecting our skin in order to show it off. In actuality, however, winter is the most beneficial time to exfoliate our skin. That dry, […]

Be a Superhero with these Superhero Inspired Workout Moves

By Faye Del Mundo, Ocotillo Village Personal Trainer   From the time we are little, we look up to superheroes and we want to be more like them. They have power, strength, discipline and determination, among other many qualities. What they can do is limitless and awe inspiring. They can fly, they can lift cars […]

Improve Performance with Speed Drills

By DuMaine Corbin, Village Personal Trainer At some point, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts want to accelerate their game. Some may be looking to improve their speed, and there are actually specific drills to help them accomplish this goal. Let’s take a look at speed itself — and how you can improve yours with some […]

Healthy Party Treats for Tailgating

By Jamie Miller, Registered Dietitian, Village Health Clubs & Spas Fall is quickly approaching, and that means one thing — football season is here! Whether you’re a loyal football fan, or don’t know a thing about the game, everyone loves the tasty dishes served up at a football tailgate. If being healthy this fall is […]

Creative Chicken Salad Ideas

By Jamie Miller, RD, Registered Dietitian, Village Health Clubs & Spas Chicken salad can be an awesome make-ahead meal idea, and in the warm months of Phoenix, there’s the added benefit of not needing to turn on the hot oven to prepare a delicious dish. However, the standard chicken salad base of mayo can make […]

Nutrition for Better Sleep

By Jamie Miller, Registered Dietitian, Village Health Clubs & Spas Not getting quality sleep can affect every aspect of our health from cognitive functioning, blood pressure, digestion, weight gain, hormones, insulin levels and much more. While many lifestyle factors such as stress, screen time and low physical movement can impact sleep, the important role of […]

6 Hottest Hair Color Trends This Summer

By: Noelia Clark and Molly Smith It’s practically summer, and that means it’s time to lighten up or freshen up your look — from head to toe! And the Village Health Clubs and Spas can help members achieve a new look for the season that’s on trend with some of the hottest hair color trends. […]

Hydration Enhancers for Better Health

We all know that being well hydrated is good for your overall health, especially when in a warm, dry climate like Arizona. But how much water does your body need? Is water alone enough to stay hydrated if you sweat more than normal? Are electrolytes needed to replenish our bodies? Village Clubs Dietitian, Jamie Miller, […]

If Not Now, When? Building a Yoga Practice

By Mary Simmons, Village Yoga Instructor One of the benefits, and purposes, of a yoga and meditation practice is to find stillness in order to calm the storms of the mind so that we can hear our own unique inner voice, the divine that lives in each of us. It is the guiding principle of […]