Delightfully Different

A Village membership goes far beyond exceptional equipment and facilities. Your membership connects you to a dynamic community of people who genuinely care about your health and fitness.

At Your Service

You’ll feel it immediately. It might be a smile, a greeting or receiving assistance that far exceeds your expectations. Whether your goal is to get a great workout or a great massage, our professional staff makes it a better experience for you. We think you’ll find the exceptional service of our staff the primary reason Village Clubs have been ranked as the best clubs in Arizona for more than a decade.

Be Our Guest.

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A Place Where You Belong

We believe fun, healthy relationships are as important to your fitness as nutrition and exercise. We go to great lengths to ensure the Village is a growing and vibrant community. From sports and group activities to monthly social events and recreation programs – you’ll find endless opportunity to strengthen family and friendships.

A Smart Investment

Village membership strikes the perfect balance between quality and price. It’s a solid investment with the potential to pay for itself many times over. From reducing your medical expenses and insurance premiums to improving your personal appearance, productivity, confidence and ability to cope with stress. The energy and fitness you build with your Village membership is the key that unlocks many priceless benefits for you.

Seeing Is Believing

Step inside any of our clubs and you’ll be surrounded by distinctive architecture, cutting-edge equipment and luxurious amenities. But beyond the beauty of our properties lies something infinitely more valuable to you. It’s the friendliness and expertise of the staff along with the community of people you’ll encounter here. To fully appreciate The Village you’ve got to see it for yourself. We’ll be happy to give you a guided tour and provide complimentary workouts for you and your family.

We invite you to try the Village clubs as our guest, with a complimentary VIP trial membership.

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