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Workouts to Cure Summer Boredom

Rachel J. Woo, ND, CSCS, RYT, Ocotillo Village Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor

There’s no better cure for summer boredom than an amazing workout. A feel-good sweat session burns off the boredom, excess energy and has other great results for body and mind when consistently done. So what are you waiting for? If you need a little motivation to start a workout program to kill summer boredom, we’ve got you covered!

Connection is Key

Group classes are sure to be high energy, increase the motivation factor and leave you feeling inspired. Friendship, support, accountability and camaraderie — you’ll find all of these, and so much more in a group fitness setting. Each individual workout is an opportunity to feel part of an amazing community. We really are better together! 

Beyond group classes, you can connect through working out in a number of ways. Teaming up with a friend or neighbor is another great way to connect and also keep each other motivated to work out during the summer. Pick an accountability buddy and exercise together!

Dive Right in(to the Pool!)

Whether it’s a Master Swim class in the outdoor lap pool led by a professional swim coach or a splish-splashingly fun TAQUATA™ class (think High Intensity Interval Training in the water!), you are sure to leave feeling “ahhhh” refreshed! A great water workout can even be done in your own swimming pool. Swim some laps or use the natural resistance of the water to max out some classic moves like lunges, arm circles, high-knees, leg lifts and more. It’s a fun way to get fit while staying cool.

Make Your Way to the Great Indoors

The outdoors has its health benefits, but when it’s 110-plus degrees with extreme heat advisories, it’s best to heed those warnings! Cardio lovers can join a cycle class that will get the heart pumping as you ride along to awesome tunes. A cycle class can give you that “runner’s high” — without the impact. There are also so many at-home cycle bikes, equipment and live-stream programs that encourage and motivate people without even having to leave their house.


The Village also offers unique strength and muscle-building classes like Bootcamp, HIIT, Cardio Muscle Blast, Upper Body/Rear Attitude, and more. There’s no room for boredom here when each new workout is sure to be both challenging and tons of fun! Try our Total Body Cycle format, which offers 30-minutes each of cycle and conditioning. Those working out at home can check out YouTube for a wide variety of high-intensity or strength-building videos. Try a different one each day to keep the at-home routine exciting.

The Village also offers our members live-stream classes. With exclusive online access to classes at each of our clubs featuring our very own instructors, you can jump into a live virtual class or select from a library of pre-recorded videos. So if you don’t feel like leaving the house or if you’re on vacation in another state (or country), you can stay consistent with your workouts and keep the momentum going all summer long.

Go with the (Vinyasa) Flow

All levels, from beginner to advanced, will benefit from our many yoga offerings. Some of these include Yoga Flow, Deep Stretch, Restorative and Hot Yoga. We also have mat Pilates. There are so many choices to keep you interested and motivated to keep moving.


Meditation practice is also a great complement to your workouts. Make time for rest, recovery and stillness. Cultivate mindfulness. Find moments of pure joy and learn to embody gratitude in everything you do… you’ll never be bored again! 



If it’s variety you are looking for, we’ve definitely got it here at The Village Health Clubs & Spa. From group fitness to Pilates to yoga to personal and small group training, we certainly offer a plethora of classes to stimulate the mind and transform your body. If you’re looking for a customized workout, consult with a personal trainer and/or Pilates instructor either one on one or in a small group. For an extensive list of all class offerings at each individual Village location, be sure to check the app or website.

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