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Six Uncommon Spa Treatments That You May Not Have Tried

We all have our go-to treatments at the spa that help us to stay feeling our best. Many uncommon spa treatments are also available, and they can leave you with amazing results. Many treatments can also be upgraded to include more services and added value that you might often pass up. Check out this list of six spa treatment you may not have tried before and learn how they can benefit your wellness routine.

Body Treatment

While massage continues to reign as the number one treatment at most spas, clients seldom opt to experience the benefits of a full body treatment. Our seasonal scrubs include full body exfoliation and a heated wrap and body masque that both relaxes and detoxifies. The treatment is completed with a hydrating application of a shea butter lotion to seal in moisture.

These treatments are great on their own or in combination with a massage or facial, or try one of our new Village Journeys that incorporate specific massage techniques, aromatherapy and scrub all into one 90 treatment.

Luxury Pedicure

Our most popular pedicure is generally our most basic. While massage, callous removal, file, buff and polish are a great way to maintain feet, the Yon-ka Luxury version offers a more comprehensive service that includes the technology of advanced facial quality products. A gentle gommage scrub and glycolic peel exfoliates and softens feet. The purest aromatherapy oils are incorporated into effective hydrating lotion used for enhanced pressure point foot massage. For those with dry, calloused feet, this is gentle way to achieve great results.


A lot of people avoid getting acupuncture because it’s different. It involves needles, energetic channels, and a whole different way of looking at the body. However, acupuncture has gained in popularity over recent years because people have discovered that acupuncture gives them a new way to approach whole body wellness and they are pleasantly surprised to discover how great they feel after acupuncture treatments and how many ailments it addresses in a safe, pain-free way.

Gentlemen’s Facial Special

Though more male clients are booking facial treatments, many seem to be hesitant to seek treatments that may have longer term benefits. Our Gentlemen’s Special features hot steamed towels and an enhanced exfoliation through the use of Microdermabrasion which helps provide both a deep pore cleansing and addresses ingrown hairs. A cooling, hydrating mask to address fine lines and wrinkles is followed by  a sunscreen application. We even include a brow “clean-up” that removes stray hairs and enhances the overall, natural appearance of the brow. 

Hydralessence Facial

For many years, clients consistently requested simple European facials. Now, we most commonly book dermaplane facials for exfoliation combined with a peel and masque. Our new Hydralessence facial is not only our most luxurious, but is ultra-hydrating for our desert climate. We now often balance facial care with more invasive treatments performed at med-spas. This facial is the perfect ally for traumatized skin from lasers, peels or sun exposure. The tightening modeling mask enriched with seaweed and fruit extracts is a truly unique experience.  

Gloss Enhancement to Hair

Our guests will often get a shampoo and blowout styling following their spa treatment. Enhancing that treatment with a deep conditioning scalp treatment with gloss not only adds more relaxation time, but also leaves hair with a healthy shine. The product can include color to tone your current shade and is a great way to add to a simple cut.

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