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Unlock the Secret to Better Posture: Transform Your Life with These Simple Habits

Discover the power of good posture! Improve health, confidence, and energy with our expert tips. Explore Village Health Clubs’ group classes today

The Benefits of Barre

Barre classes are all the rage right now and for good reason. These classes are inspired by techniques in ballet, Pilates, dance, yoga and functional

Back to Class – Group Fitness Class!

Come August, summer unofficially comes to a close in the Valley of the Sun. Residents are back in town from vacation, and schools are back

Have You Ever Tried Taking A Barre Class?

It is a common misconception that you have to be a ballet dancer to do barre work.  But the reality is that there is absolutely

Fun, Friendship & Community – Running Together is Better

By Abby Luedecke, Triathlon Coordinator at the Village DC Ranch Running, for the most part, is a solo sport. Many of us run to clear

How Good is Group Fitness?  Let Me Count the Ways.

I remember the first group fitness class I attended more than 35 years ago. The music, the instructor, the energy of all the other women

Hard Core – Pilates Gets Manly

If you walk into any Pilates class at any gym or health club, more likely than not the class will be dominated by women. While

Suspension training — Up on the Roof!

Thanks to money made from the sale of some old spin bikes, Camelback Village Group Fitness Director Linda Hertzberg was able to have a steel

Gainey Village Instructor of the Week: Jesica Drago

The Gainey Village Instructor of the Week is Jesica Drago, this week you can bring any guest with you for free to any of Jesica’s

Gainey Village Instructor of the Week – Deborah Garland

This weeks featured instructor is Deborah Garland, remember to bring a guest with you for FREE to any of Deborah’s classes this week.