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Kinesis by TechnoGym offers a variety of combinations in three dimensions to improve mobility, strengthen your core, and improve your fitness. This functional training class is always changing due to the endless movement patterns available. There are more than 200 exercises in a single piece of equipment so there is always a new movement to keep you challenged.

Kinesis Classes

Get more results in less time. Discover what three-dimensional resistance can do for your body. Your workout comes full-circle with Kinesis. This revolutionary system sculpts your body from every angle under the supervision of a Village trainer.

It may surprise you to learn Kinesis burns 30% more calories than a regular workout. The specialized multi-plane and synergistic workout program combines cardio and full-body resistance workout with flexibility and balance. It’s all the components of fitness rolled into one complete workout.

Your 3-in-1 Workout

One amazing class combines a cardio and full body resistance workout, with a flexibility and balance workout. If you are looking to maximize your time at the club, this is a great class that covers it all. You won’t believe how fast the time goes and how fit you will feel after. These small class sizes lead by our expert trainers will provide you with the motivation and attention you need for an excellent full-body workout.

Our Kinesis classes are very popular with our members. It may look different when you first see a class, but you will come to love the flexibility the program provides so each participant can challenge themselves. There are so many great benefits from taking Kinesis classes. You will burn tons of calories, increase strength, improve flexibility, and make some friends. You will find many of our members sharing a cup of coffee or a smoothie in the café after a class. Come try a Kinesis class today.