Aerial Yoga Studios

Experience a combination of traditional yoga poses and postures using a soft aerial hammock suspended from the ceiling, allowing participants to go deeper into aerial yoga poses and meet new challenges.

Practicing yoga with an aerial silk provides the support that allows yogis of all abilities to perform poses that may be difficult on the ground. Through the support of the aerial silk, the body is able to find a new depth, no matter what your current level of yoga practice may be. Postures like downward facing dog are suddenly both lifting and grounding, while poses, like pigeon, become deep and supported stretches.

Aerial yoga offers enhanced benefits to the mind and body that expand upon the foundations of traditional yoga. By practicing with an aerial yoga silk, class participants can experience a total body workout that improves flexibility and strength. Aerial yoga also allows the body to hang freely, lengthening ligaments and easing tension on the spine. 

Aerial Yoga is currently available at DC Ranch Village and Gainey Village.

Aerial Yoga Schedules: DC Ranch | Gainey Village

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