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Group Fitness

All Under One Roof

The Village has multiple studios under one roof. Our professional instructors offer a variety of over a hundred of the best fitness classes a week. They will make your exercise time more productive and fun. You won’t believe how fast the time goes by and how quickly your fitness will improve.

Whether you want an indoor boot camp-type class, high-intensity cycling, yoga, barre or outdoor water fitness, we offer plenty of classes from which to choose. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, so you don’t get burnt out or injured. We offer a variety of classes at different levels of intensity so you can vary your workouts and benefit from active recovery and cross-training. Mixing up your training by taking cardio, strength and flexibility classes helps you increase full-body fitness.



Develop a balanced, healthy body with strong, flexible muscles that promote better posture, steadier balance, and optimal physical and mental well-being with Pilates. Our Pilates Reformer Trainers will customize your workout. We offer 1:1, 2:1 or group Reformer Pilates for our members. Come give it a try.


Center your mind and body through yoga practice. Yoga will help increase your mental and physical strength and flexibility. Our yoga instructors will guide you through your practice to keep you focused and improving with each class. Reduce your everyday stress with consistent yoga practice.

Bootcamp and Muscle

Strength training is critical for increasing muscle mass, bone density, and metabolism. You will also improve your flexibility and balance. Our Bootcamp and muscle classes are perfect for you to get your resistance training in with guidance and support from our instructor. They will help keep your form correct and motivate you to push yourself to get results.

Indoor Cycle

Looking for an intense cardio workout? A cycle class is just what you need. The instructor, the music, and the lights will get you going. You will burn a ton of calories, strengthen your heart, and reduce stress. Not to mention, you will have a ton of fun.