Village Kids

Caring for your Kids

Enjoy a worry-free workout while your children play, learn, and laugh in the Village Kid’s Club. Our professional staff provides a safe, fun, and inspiring place for children of all ages. We offer two types of childcare for two separate age groups: a nursery for infants two months old to potty-trained age, and a kid’s club environment for children three to twelve years old. Your child can stay with us in the Kid’s Club for up to two hours. Our caretakers will keep your child safe and entertained while you enjoy your personal time at the Village.


Kids Camps

Looking for a great way to keep your kids happy and active during school break? The Village offers holiday kids camps where your kids can try new sports, get crafty and make new friends. Our comprehensive all-day, fun-filled camps will have your kids wanting more. Campers will learn a variety of basic sport skills through supervised, age-appropriate instruction and activities. Their fun-filled camp memories will last a lifetime.

Family Workouts

We have many family-friendly workout areas in the club for family members at the Village to encourage the whole family to be healthy and stay active. You can great a great workout together as a family. There are also many options for your kids to do their own thing. Junior Certification Training is available for youth ages 11-13 on etiquette, areas of the club that can be used, and proper use of equipment without parental supervision. We also offer several youth classes, sports leagues, and coaching available for Village kids.


Kids Swim Lessons and Team

Kids Swim with Us: We love getting kids in the water early so they can be safe around water and enjoy swimming. Our comprehensive swim program is designed to build from basic survival techniques to endurance. Our swim program starts at six months of age and is based on level of ability. We offer three levels of swim instruction for children. All lessons are designed to maximize your child’s survival skills and learn the basic elements of all four swim strokes based upon individual skills.

Swim Levels and Swim Team Information

We also offer Group Swim Lessons, where families can go to lessons together. We offer parent/toddler classes and level 1-3 classes each month.

Swim Team: A great aerobic exercise to improve coordination, stroke technique, endurance and fun for ages 5-15. These accomplished swimmers can swim at least 15 yards of freestyle/backstroke and have proper stroke technique.

Activities may vary at each club – contact your Swim Coach or Activities Director below for details.


Swim Lessons: Lori Kelly
Swim Team: Heather McManus

DC Ranch
Swim Lessons: Erica Hubber
Swim Team: Helen Zemaitis

Swim Lessons: Beth Steindorff
Swim Team: Tracy Richards

Swim Lessons: Laura George
Swim Team: Helen Zemaitis

Kids Tennis Programs

In case you haven’t realized, we are passionate about tennis at the Village. It is a wonderful sport you can play your entire life and the best time to start is as soon as you can hold a racquet. We offer extensive tennis programs for kids that will get them learning the sport, having fun, and getting exercise. If you are interested in getting your little one, or your older one, into tennis now is the time to do it. Activities may vary at each club and tennis is not available at the Gainey Village location. For more information contact Tennis Directors below. 


Camelback Tennis Pro
Marci Saucier

DC Ranch Tennis Director 

Dave Critchley

Ocotillo Tennis Director

Josh Bates

Kids Basketball Programs

Do your kids love to shoot hoops? Let us help them improve their basketball skills, learn how to play the game, and get them in a league at the Village. Basketball is a sport for all ages and a wonderful way to get your kids exercising. If they just want to play for fun or to make it on a school team, we have the programming right for them. Activities may vary at each club location. For more information contact our coaches or Activities Directors below.


Kids Fencing Program

The Village has one of the most competitive kids fencing program in the Valley led by our expert instructor James Barbour. If you child is interested in fencing this is the perfect program for them. We have beginner kids to experts in our fencing program and many have advanced to college level programs. If you are looking for a new sport for your child, have them give fencing a try. Fencing is only available at the DC Ranch Village and Camelback Village locations. For more information contact James Barbour.


Bringing a guest into the club that is under 18 years old? Please make sure their parent/guardian has signed the Junior Guest Waiver. They just need to use the Junior Guest Waiver QR code. Having trouble with the QR code – use the direct link: