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Join Us!

You’ll feel it immediately. It might be a smile, a greeting or receiving assistance that far exceeds your expectations. We think you’ll find the exceptional service of our staff the primary reason Village Clubs have been ranked as the best health clubs in Arizona year after year.

Village Community

We believe that fun, healthy relationships play an integral part in your overall fitness, nutrition, and exercise at the Village. From sports and group activities like hiking and cycling, to our social networking events and club parties, you’ll find endless opportunity to form and strengthen friendships in our clubs.

Four women hiking through Sedona for health

Trips and Adventures

The Village is so passionate about social activities that we plan many trips and adventures throughout the year. We have annual ski trips to Telluride, destination trips to places like Switzerland and fun day trips for white water rafting or paddleboarding at the lake. We are always coming up with new fun trips to take together each year.

Your Second Home

Our members are so comfortable at the Village that they never want to leave and call us their second home. You will find members having coffee together, families gathering for a meal at our café and members working at the Village in the conference rooms or cafes. We have everything you need to spend your entire day with us. Not to mention, our beer and wine available to relax in the evening after a tennis match, yoga class or a nice treadmill run.

Male and female eating at health club

Whether your goal is to get a great workout or a great massage, our professional staff is here to make each Village experience exceptional. We would like to invite you to visit the club as our guest so you can see for yourself what the Village is all about. Come give us a try and you’ll quickly understand why our members have voted us the best health club in the Valley.