Personal Trainers

Dan Hejl

Dan graduated from the University of Minnesota and played rugby at the collegiate level. He loves to cook and bake at home. He is a morning person that loves to wake up early. Sport specific training is his passion, and his favorite body part to train is legs. His shoe size is 10.5 if you are looking to treat him to a pair of new shoes. He prefers to watch college sports over professional and has three kids.

Linda Lawyer

Linda graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in health youth leadership and physical education. She received a master’s degree in exercise physiology with a minor in nutrition. She has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a personal trainer, physical therapist aid, swim teacher and water aerobics instructor. Linda enjoys running, playing tennis, swimming, basketball and water skiing.

Mark Campbell

Mark grew up in Washington state and played baseball, basketball, soccer and ran track growing up. He graduated from Arizona State University, is married (she is also a personal trainer), has a daughter and two boxers. He loves vintage and classic automobiles and is a self ‘proclaimed “car nut”. He is currently restoring a 1965 mustang.

Megan Smith

Megan grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She played soccer for Texas Tech for 4 seasons and was awarded the Texas Tech Female Athlete of the Year in 2010 and received her master’s degree from Texas Tech. Her husband is Australian and one of her favorite trips with him was visiting the Great barrier reef and Hamilton Island. They have two children, and she loves to go to lake Powell a few times a year. Megan is all about moderation. She loves happy hour and enjoys a cold IPA and a burger once in a while!

Naci Melzer

Naci is from Minnesota and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. She played college volleyball and basketball. She loves spending time at her family cabin on a line in MN. She enjoys going to the mountains and being in nature. She is always up for an outdoor adventure. She has completed several half and full marathons and cycling events.

Rochelle Walter

Rochelle played basketball and ran track in high school and still enjoys shooting hoops for cardio. She graduated from Arizona State University and had experience with physical therapy as she was a tech for two years and had the privilege of working with Muhammad Ali. She had five knee surgeries all before the age of 22, all resulting from error in mechanics on the basketball court. Therefore, she chose her career as a personal trainer. She has two kids that keep her busy and she loves to run, hike, cook and bake.

Ted Kackowski

Ted was born and raised in Indianapolis. He received his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and his master’s degree at Carroll University. He is a huge Indian sports fan: IU, Cost and Pacers. He loves animals and has two senior cats. He is obsessed with the AZ weather and sunshine. Even though he does not consider himself a great chef, he loves watching cooking shows.

Todd Hinsberger

Todd is originally from Lacrosse Wisconsin and graduated from Arizona State University. He interned for the Phoenix Cardinals, Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Sand Sharks. Todd was a founding member of the Arizona Football Club and enjoys mountain biking and watching his children compete in sports.

Tori Rider

Tori was born and raised in Minnesota and recently moved here to Arizona. She attended Concordia University, St. Paul, and graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science. She was involved in many sports growing up including volleyball, basketball, track, and more recently, competitive bodybuilding. She spent a few years coaching youth sports teams before really getting into the fitness industry as a personal trainer. Now, she is very passionate about helping women and men build strength and feel like their best, most confident selves. Tori loves dogs, hiking, traveling, baking treats, bodybuilding, and spending time with her family and friends.

Travis Masterbone

Travis has been actively working in the fitness industry for 10 years now and loves improving health and wellness for all walks of life. After completing 4 years of collegiate athletics, specifically basketball, Travis was trained by one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the industry at a young age and picked up on a lot of the tools and strategies to help people move and perform better in the fitness and athletic sectors.

He still loves to play the game of basketball, plus golfing, tennis, and hiking. He specializes in movement assessments, corrective exercise, functional training, soft tissue work, and mobility. He is passionate about fitness and enjoys meeting new people and is looking forward to positively impacting the members here at the Village!

Valeria Ocano

Valeria was born in Sonora, Mexico. She graduated from UC Davis and nature is her favorite medicine. She is in constant pursuit of improvement and meditation has completely changed her life. Reading is part of her daily morning routine and she enjoys bodybuilding, traveling, cooking, and spending time in nature.