Personal Trainers

Bret Funk

Bret has always been active in sports athletically. He is a former golden glove boxer and holder of Wisconsin State Bench Press record at 400lbs. in the 165-pound division. His Wisconsin roots are strong, and he is always cheering on his Packers, Bucks, Brewers and Badgers! His love of music is just as strong with Rush being at the top of his list. He grew up listening to various rock throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s and had the pleasure of training and getting to know one of those 80s icons in Bret Michaels.

Cindy Angulo

Cindy was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and went to Arizona State University. She is a mother of two kids, club level volleyball coach and National level fitness competitor. When not at the Village she can be found on extreme adventures such as hiking, mountain biking, boating, ATVs, or anything challenging. Cindy has a life philosophy that “anything is possible”.

Jon Giron

Jon grew up in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University. He moved to Arizona last year and has been enjoying all the outdoor activities and adventures that Arizona has to offer.  Growing up, he has ventured in a variety of sports like track, cross country, wrestling, Taekwondo, and triathlons. Currently, he enjoys cycling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, cooking, and spending time with his two pups. In his free time, Jon loves traveling and trying out new restaurants.

Julia Sontag

Her passion for health and wellness has only continued to blossom throughout her career, having extensive knowledge and experience in group exercise, personal training, strength and conditioning, and Yoga. She also taught Secondary Health and Physical Education for eight years and coached both softball and volleyball. Whether working with a collegiate athlete or complete beginner, Julia’s goal is to have each client walk away from their session feeling better than when they walked in. She focuses on proper form and program efficacy while keeping it lighthearted and fun.

Kevin Shepard

Kevin is a professor of Kinesiology at Grand Canyon University. He is a three-time All American First Team, three-time collegiate national champion, in the sport of Powerlifting while in attendance at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. He owns a 1970 Chevelle Malibu convertible with a tunnel ram intake that he built from scratch. It operates on blue in color; 110 octane leaded racing fuel.

Thomas Erickson

Thomas loves to cook unique Thai and Indian cuisine. He played soccer his entire life and continues to do so in rec leagues. He is an avid Oregon Ducks fan (and cried pretty much every time they lost until he was about 12 years old). On a sunny day you can find Thomas enjoying a few cold IPAs.