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Personal Trainers

Corey Degenstein

Fitness Director

Corey is a passionate fitness professional with many years of experience in personal training and leading small-group training.  He earned his master’s degree in Exercise Science-Human Performance from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where he also was a graduate assistant in Anatomy and Exercise testing in the university human performance lab.  He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, corrective exercise specialist, and certified personal trainer along with having been through numerous other fitness certificate courses over the years.  


Personally, Corey enjoys many types of fitness from mountain biking, weightlifting, hiking, and swimming. He stays busy with his daughter and wife keeping active and exploring.

Bret Funk

Bret has always been active in sports athletically. He is a former golden glove boxer and holder of Wisconsin State Bench Press record at 400lbs. in the 165-pound division. His Wisconsin roots are strong, and he is always cheering on his Packers, Bucks, Brewers and Badgers! His love of music is just as strong with Rush being at the top of his list. He grew up listening to various rock throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s and had the pleasure of training and getting to know one of those 80s icons in Bret Michaels.

Cindy Angulo

Cindy was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and went to Arizona State University. She is a mother of two kids, club level volleyball coach and National level fitness competitor. When not at the Village she can be found on extreme adventures such as hiking, mountain biking, boating, ATVs, or anything challenging. Cindy has a life philosophy that “anything is possible”.

Jon Giron

Jon grew up in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University. He moved to Arizona last year and has been enjoying all the outdoor activities and adventures that Arizona has to offer.  Growing up, he has ventured in a variety of sports like track, cross country, wrestling, Taekwondo, and triathlons. Currently, he enjoys cycling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, cooking, and spending time with his two pups. In his free time, Jon loves traveling and trying out new restaurants.

Kevin Shepard

Kevin is a professor of Kinesiology at Grand Canyon University. He is a three-time All-American First Team and, three-time collegiate national champion, in the sport of Powerlifting while in attendance at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. He owns a 1970 Chevelle Malibu convertible with a tunnel ram intake that he built from scratch. It operates on blue; 110 octane leaded racing fuel.

Nick Rowbotham

Nick is an east coast native and graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC). Nick is also a Nationally Registered Paramedic with over 5 years of experience. He has worked with clients of all different ages and physical limitations. Nick believes that exercise is medicine and wants to help others live longer and healthier lives.

Noah Taylor

Growing up in Colorado, Noah was always doing outdoor activities and playing football through high school. He went to Arizona State University and graduated with his bachelor’s in Kinesiology. He is now going to AT Still University and getting his Master’s degree in Kinesiology, specializing in corrective exercise and orthopedic rehabilitation. He is a NASM-certified personal trainer and has several years of experience working in a physical therapy office.

Kip Hanson

Kip’s passion for soccer led her into the Fitness Industry and a career in Personal Training and Nutrition. She grew up in Washington State and played Varsity, Premier Club, and College level indoor soccer. She also coached at many different levels. Kip has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2004 and graduated from ASU with a degree in Human Nutrition. She is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a Women’s Fitness Specialist, among other certifications. Kip has trained all levels of fitness from Foundations to Professional Athletes. She loves promoting a healthy lifestyle by creating individualized Nutrition Meal Plans. When Kip is not in the gym, she will be outside running, hiking, in-line skating, or reading, or playing Roblox with her son. Her view on Fitness is that it is all about achieving more while mixing it up and having fun.

David Hoptar

I am a passionate person when it comes to getting in Physical shape and maintaining it. “A Body in Motion stays in Motion”, which means that at all ages we need to be active both physically and mentally. In my Professional Personal training career, which spans over 24 years, I have trained thousands of individuals (male and female), my youngest client was 14 and my oldest was 96 years young. With my vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and exercise science, I am confident that I can guide you down the road to optimum Health. Let’s work together to achieve your goals.