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DC Ranch Spa Experts

Mandy Campbell

Massage Therapist

Mandy Campbell is from London England and moved to the states 24 years ago with her 3-year-old son and 18month old twin daughters.  Mandy was previously a flight attendant for Gulf Air living in the middle east traveling all over the world with many “airline” stories to tell that will keep you entertained for hours.  She graduated in 1982 from Cambridge University where she studied Exercise Science, the foundation of all her trainings she obtained since then.  If you knew Mandy before 1992, you will know her as Susan!!!.  Mandy’s claim to fame is that she went to the 11th best school for girls in England where she learnt how to walk up and down the stairs with a phone book (if you were born after 2000 you won’t know what that is!!) on her head along with many other etiquette procedures required by good breeding and to be observed in both social and official life.

MaryLee Manzella

Hair Stylist

Marylee is originally from Chicago, Illinois and relocated to Arizona 16 years ago for a new start in life and the warm weather. When she’s not at work she loves to experiment in baking and hiking. Traveling is a must, when possible. She has been to Hawaii three times and is counting on future trips to the islands. She has been to Italy twice for a month each trip to explore and be with family. Her dream vacation would be to the Amalfi Coast someday.

Rachel Miller

Hair Stylist

Rachel is an Arizona native and began styling hair after graduating college. Rachel prides herself as being an excellent listener and enjoys making connections with all her clients. When not at work she can be found at home enjoying the time with her two sons and husband, both of which keep her very busy. One of the most common things happening at her house are impromptu singing/dance parties with her precocious toddler.  Rachel also enjoys hiking, baking, and reading in the small moments she finds during limited downtime.

Deborah Lana


As a licensed aesthetician, Deborah enjoys keeping up with the latest on what’s going on in the skincare industry. It brings her great pleasure to work with a variety of people each day and she always looks forward to the challenges her clients present. She believes in a holistic approach to health and beauty.

Deborah has been working at the DC Ranch Village since June 2007. She is certified in microdermabrasion, PCA peels, dermaplane, SkinMedica peels, Intraceuticals treatments, and specializes in various other skin care treatments.

Aulani Archibeque


Aulani is a licensed aesthetician and long-time skin-care enthusiast. Although dabbling in lots of different products can be tempting, she recommends the best results come from using the right products in the right potency consistently and over time.  Aulani will recommend the best course of action in the treatment room and provide an appropriate home-care regimen with an eye toward results. Whether you’d like to make changes to your skin or focus on maintenance, Aulani will help to fine-tune your care to deliver results. Originally from Maui, Aulani is a graduate of Arizona State University and now calls Phoenix her home.