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Personal Trainers

John Preston

Fitness Director

John is very creative and puts a spin on naming his workouts. He refers to his training sessions with clients as “funouts” not workouts. He is the inventor of the “trainers dozen”. When you pay for the first 12 repetitions, the 13th repetition is free. He coined the phrase “No running in the gym!”. He created a new fitness program called Super High Intensity Training, but it has not dropped yet because he needs a good acronym for it. Prince is his all-time favorite singer, song writer, musician, performer, and artist.

Alissa Crandal

Alissa was born in Arizona but moved to California at the age of 8. She started ballet at age 5, and still enjoys taking classes and swimming is her sport of choice.  After completing her undergrad degree from Fresno State University, she became a Personal Trainer in Irvine, California.  She completed her master’s degree at Ball State University with a degree in Sports Biomechanics, then continued her collegiate profession at The University of Tennessee, University of South Carolina and the University of Virginia.  Her training philosophy can be summed up by: The HOW you perform each exercise vs HOW MUCH is much more important and where the real changes in strength and appearance take place.

Chris Morrison

Chris grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from East Stroudsburg University, where he competed as a Track & Field athlete and was involved with many different social groups on campus. It was there where he first realized his potential to make a positive impact on people, both physically and mentally through his ability to achieve a genuine connection with others. He is a sports fanatic and will watch all teams, but he is a Philly fan through and through. He enjoys traveling with his wife, he is a sneakerhead (loves his kicks) and loves classic hip hop and R&B music. Cool fact: his Grand Uncle played in the Negro Baseball League in the 1940’s for the Oakland Larks.

DuMaine Corbin

DuMaine is from the Philadelphia area. After competing in track and football, he spent 10 years as a track coach. Enduring sport-related injuries and a passion for fitness led to a career in health & wellness. He earned his degree in Exercise Science from Bryan University. He is an Eagles and car enthusiast. Caribbean is his favorite cuisine and most of his screen time is spent watching YouTube and Netflix documentaries. He is an avid runner and hiker, but is still a sprinter and hurdler at heart.

George Naum

Coach Naum received his bachelor’s degree in human movement, sciences, and physical education from Boston University.  He comes to the Village from Southern California where he taught kinesiology and was an assistant head football coach and defensive coordinator at Santa Monica College. In his 30-year career, he has owned and operated 10 health and fitness clubs while also designing and developing over 40 independent clubs nationwide. George ended a five-year contract as head football coach and general manager for the Carinthian Lions in Austria where he guided them to the professional Austrian football league’s National Silver Bowl Championship.

Coach Naum has a diverse background in personal training having worked with all ages and ability levels. He believes each client should have a specific program designed personally for them in order to best achieve their health and fitness goals.

Grant Peterson

Grant grew up playing competitive sports year-round in Denver, Colorado. He enjoys being highly active and spending time with his wife and 9-year-old twins. Routine and structure are his best friends and rugby is his favorite sport. He likes doing yard work but will only do cardio in workouts or sports.

Hanna Harbula

Hanna is an Arizona native and went to Arizona State University. Laguna Beach, CA is her favorite place to vacation. She loves to play volleyball. Libero was her favorite position when she was on a volleyball team in middle and high school. Her favorite TV show series is Parks and Recreation.

John Spead

John is a veteran of the U. S. Army and attended the University of Texas at El Paso. He has had a lifelong passion for sports and fitness and believes that nothing good in life comes without putting in the effort. When John is not training, he is practicing what he preaches working out, eating healthy and hanging out with his pugs Brady and Rondo. His favorite travel destinations are Boston (his local roots) and Jamaica.