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Ocotilo Pilates Experts

Kimberly Campbell

Kimberly was born in Misawa Japan and has never met anyone from the same town. She is an introvert, a Capricorn sun, Pisces moon and Libra rising. She took American Sign Language for her foreign language credit in college to avoid speaking (verbally). The pets outnumber the humans in her house. Once a week (on average) she cooks something for dinner that they have never had before. If you have a great recipe you should pass it on to her.

Linda Bernal

She could eat chips and salsa all day and is a margarita/tequila snob. She loves animals and her crazy boxers. She enjoys being outdoors and the beach is her favorite place to be all day. She loves football and is a huge Steelers fan! She is interested in fitness competitions and thinks she can win anything. We think she can too!

Monique Schermann

Monique was born in Redondo Beach, California but considers herself an Arizona native, since she has grown up here from the age of two. When she was little, she learned to play piano, was always dancing around the house, and was tested into gifted program. She loves to travel, and has visited Peru, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and Club Med Cancun, to name a few. Her future hopeful travel dream destinations include Israel and Spain. Monique loves to spend time with her family and friends, dance, take her dogs for walks, design, craft, and garden.