The classic sport of fencing is a mentally and physically demanding sport for students of all ages, teaching good sportsmanship and self-discipline while competing both independently as well as a part of a bigger team. Learn how to think fast, develop a high level of coordination, improve reflexes and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of this one-of-a-kind sport.

  • Beginners’ Fencing Camps
    Learn the basics of fencing while performing the latest and most innovative techniques. Students are given a brief overview of saber fencing including footwork, some attacks, lines of parries and basic counter-offensive tactics.
  • Advanced Fencing Classes and Lessons
    Grow your skills in bouts as you hone your game to a higher level of performance in private and group lessons.
  • Veteran Fencing Lessons
    If you have the agility to play a game of tennis or racquetball, you have the physical ability to learn how to fence. Coach Jim Barbour has trained many veteran fencers, or fencers over the age of 40, some of whom have competed in the Veteran World Championships! Learn the basics in private lessons with Coach Barbour.

Equipment is available for students taking preliminary lessons. Fencers can  take their game to the next level by purchasing the Village Fencing Package that includes everything needed for a class or club tournament. 

About the Pro: Jim Barbour

A competitive fencer since the seventies, Jim Barbour is a former Rocky Mountain Sectional Champion in foil and saber. Along the way, he studied with Olympic coaches Yves Auriol and Ed Korfanty. Jim has coached fencing athletes since the 1980’s, coaching the ASU fencing club since 1984, and becoming head coach in 1991. In 2001 he assisted in founding the fencing club at the Village. Jim focuses on the recreation and conditioning aspects of saber fencing, as well as the competitive. He likes to remind his students that “fencing is just a game—but it’s a really fun game!” He believes that the discipline and romance of fencing might appeal to many persons who aren’t interested in other sports.