The Secret Sport

Playing racquetball at the Village is a great way to spend time with friends while burning massive calories. Those who play racquetball already know the benefits. It’s a fast, fun and healthy workout. Racquetball is one of the best kept fitness secrets on the planet.

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What can racquetball do for you?

  • Burn More Calories, Melt Fat: a 135 lb woman burns upwards of 250 calories playing racquetball for 30 minutes. Men burn more. Intense games can easily burn upwards of 400 calories every half hour.
  • Improve Hand-To-Eye Coordination and Agility: Proprioception is enhanced while improving your agility and reaction time. Racquetball conditions your body to move with power and greater economy of motion.
  • Build Functional Strength and Flatten Your Stomach: The game requires you to move across three dimensions which develops your core musculature. And because racquetball involves plenty of trunk rotation, it’s a killer on love handles.
  • Reduce Stress and Tension: There’s nothing like bashing a little ball against a wall to get your aggression out. After a good game of racquetball you’ll feel more relaxed and stress free.
  • Shape Your Thighs: All the lateral, side-to-side movement sculpts sleek thighs in ways machines just can’t.
  • Cross-Training:  Adding racquetball to your workouts will challenge your body in fresh ways and rejuvenate your results. The non-linear movement patterns you perform throughout a game can improve your timing and performance in practically any other sport.
  • Socialize while getting a great workout: What’s better than having fun with friends and getting in shape at the same time? Racquetball is easy to learn and a sport for almost any age or ability level. You don’t need experience to start enjoying the benefits of playing from the moment you step on the court – just call up a buddy and away you go.

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