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We’ve all been there – after a few months of successfully burning fat and gaining muscle in the gym, suddenly the same old routine stops being so effective for your fitness goals, and you find yourself plateaued on your fitness journey.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase flexibility, or gain muscle, the best way to break a plateau (and avoid boredom) is to switch up your routine.

Why does changing your routine work? The human body is designed to adapt to environments, to diets, and especially to routine. When you begin a new workout routine, results begin to show in muscle growth and a shrinking waistline. But after about 12 weeks, the body adapts and becomes accustomed to the repetition and exertion (not to mention boredom) and adapts to this new baseline of activity. When you stop seeing results, or plateauing, that’s when it’s time to make a change.

Stepping off the treadmill and into a group fitness class is a great way to mix up your exercise routine – in fact, women exercising with friends burn more calories versus working out in a solo session.

Check out our infographic for ways to mix up your routine – whether you can’t touch your toes or are avoiding the weight room, there’s something for you.



Download the Infographic

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