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The Village Clubs and Spas is home to a variety of skilled and experienced wonderful trainers and team members. Connect with them by reading a personal story below.

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In 2007, Vincent Ruiz came to the Village Health Clubs and Spas from a very successful sports club in Beverly Hills.  Learning what it took to be an indoor cycle instructor includes a lot of focus on proper breath work and endurance. His training experience was superior and even Lance Armstrong himself would come in and train the group. Being new to the area, Vincent was nervous and excited to get moving at his new position.

Being hired by the Village was exciting! He loved the ability to design incredible playlists and fun and challenging workouts. With a desire to be the best trainer he could be and give participants in my classes the very best workout, he strived, and continues to strive, to teach his students how to get the best results.

Vincent’s cycle classes are very fun, high-energy workouts. We’ve had DJs mixing music onstage, a percussionist, and even a full drum set in the cycle room. The classes became very popular and students feel like he brings students a piece of Hollywood along with the best possible workout. Eventually, he started to teach a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class with the same approach. including high-energy music. The classes are challenging and it’s always a priority to help students learn the correct and safe way to do each move. It wasn’t unusual for new students to be nervous to jump, use the step benches, and even that blue half-ball called a Bosu Ball. Week after week, the classes were exciting and they were definitely seeing gains in their workouts, and word caught on to members.

Eventually, Vincent had the opportunity to cover a fellow trainer’s boot camp classes. After researching, observing, and practicing the classes, he designed classes that provided an authentic experience with unexpected exercises that pushed students to the limit. This type of class is really for everyone and exercises can be modified if needed. However, despite modifications, this type of class requires students to push themselves and work hard for their results. 

As Vincent began teaching more classes, he connected with his students and became part of a closer group that celebrated birthday and holidays together. He found himself training future couples, couples, and families — moms, dads, sons and daughters all came to sweat together. It’s been incredible for him to see people grow in his now 10 years with the Village. Becoming a member of the Village Clubs is an opportunity to form friendships while facing challenging workouts and stimulating your mind.

A word from Vincent: “I look forward to a long time of instructing and teaching people how to have fun working out, while achieving their best results. Becoming a member of the Village is a chance to start new adventures, a new healthier life, and make new friends. I’ll be honest: it may not be easy at first, but I’ll take your hand and lead you.

The Village, with all of its classes and amenities, really creates a community atmosphere.  We’re here to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals! Stop by for a VIP Trial Membership and meet with a personal trainer to see how you can take steps towards a healthier you. 

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