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Heart-rate training is an intelligent way to workout for multiple reasons, and it can benefit all fitness levels, from the beginner that simply wants to lose some weight to the advanced athlete looking to elevate their fitness level.

Heart-rate training, or HRT, is a way to train using heart-rate training zones. Heart-rate training zones are calculated as percentages of a calculated maximum heart rate (MHR).  While a graded exercise test is the most accurate way to determine MHR, that test is not usually accessible to the average exerciser. However, the MYZONEheart rate monitorbelt uses a formula accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine to automatically establish an initial estimate of MHR based on age. This is based on population norms:

MHR = 207 – (0.70 x age in years)


When you enter your age during the MYZONE belt registration process, MYZONE automatically calculates your MHR. It’s important for you to have a MHR value in the MYZONE system because it is used to determine your heart-rate zones while working out.If you are able to push your maximum heart rate past this limit, MYZONE will automatically adjust to this new limit. Also, if you recently had a graded exercise test that determined your MHR, you can ask MYZONE support to set your MHR.

MYZONE Heart-Rate Training Zones

The MYZONE zones (GRAY, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, & RED) are directly tied to your estimated MHR in the MYZONE system. Here’s a breakdown:

  • GRAY Zone: 50-59% of MHR
  • MYZONE BLUE Zone: 60-69% of MHR
  • GREEN Zone: 70-79% of MHR
  • YELLOW Zone: 80-89% of MHR
  • RED Zone: 90-100% of MHR

Heart-Rate Training: Taking Advantage of the Zones

Heart-rate training is much easier with a fitness “wearable” such as the MYZONE heart rate monitor.   The monitor can be used to provide members with instant and accurate effort feedback from anywhere.

Training Smarter with MZONE™

The MYZONE™ system uses personalized readings to inform exercisers of their workouts’ intensity levels in real time on big screens around the Village. MYZONE™ also keeps track of information online so that members can see precisely how much progress they’ve made over time. The system works by having members wear the MZ-3 activity belt which sends readings to screens around the club and/or the MYZONE™ smartphone app. Through a series of personalized color-coded activity tiles, users always know precisely what MYZONE 2 intensity zone (percentage of max heart rate) they are currently working in, which allows members to compare their effort with others at the club. The activity tiles also show calories burned, heart rate and MYZONE™ Effort Points (MEPs) accumulated for the session. This personal feedback allows members to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results. Furthermore, this data is recorded within the user’s online personal activity report, accessible either through the MYZONE™ website or the smartphone app. After every workout session, the MYZONE™ system sends each user a personalized e-mail with the specifics of their workout.

Your Competitive Instinct Kicks-In

The MYZONE™ system allows users to tap into his/her competitive instincts. The more time spent exercising and the higher the intensity of that exercise, the more MYZONE™ Effort Points (MEPs) members earn. MEPs are earned for every minute spent working out in a personal intensity zone. Using MEPs allows users to participate in challenges and monthly leaderboards for the chance to earn prizes, all while improving their overall fitness level at the Village. Challenges and leaderboards make exercise fun and drive a friendly competitive spirit. After all, motivation is key. The system will also be used in organized classes such as Group Fitness, Group Training and Studio Cycle.

Accomplishing Your Fitness Goals

Using the MYZONE™ system as a tool to accomplish your fitness goals boils down to having a plan. It starts by knowing the purpose and benefits of working in each of the zones. If you are a new user that wants to maximize fat loss, checkout out this articlefrom MYZONE that explains why working in the blue and green zones is beneficial.The MYZONE Blogis a great resource for all MYZONE users.

If you would like more information about the MYZONE system, please ask your friendly Village group fitness, personal training, or front desk staff. The MZ-3 belt is available for purchase at the front desk.

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