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Everyone knows that once Thanksgiving hits, the holiday hustle and bustle begins! Holidays should be about enjoying family, loved ones and celebrating the reason for the season, but somehow it becomes a   stressful time of year for many people.

The Village Health Clubs and Spas invites you to take a step back and relax this holiday season! Here are a few tips on how to do that.

1. Make a List, Check it Twice

When you have a clear outline of what needs to get done and when, it’s easier to prioritize your “to-dos”. Don’t overload your to-do list with things that aren’t a priority. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so we should not be unrealistic about the amount of things we can get done in one 24-hour period.

2. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and carried away with hosting grandiose parties, lavish feasts, and buying loads of presents to shower upon loved ones this time of year. Focus on simple, intimate gatherings with your closet loved ones and friends. Host a potluck where each of your guests can bring their favorite dish to contribute to the holiday buffet,   and consider making homemade gifts to share with loved ones this year. Finding true joy in the holidays shouldn’t be dependent on how much money was spent or how big the party was.

3. Don’t Ditch Your “Me-Time”

Everyone needs time that is dedicated solely to his or her own personal fulfillment. And oftentimes, when things get particularly stressful and busy, people tend to “ditch” their dedicated me-time in order to accomplish other things. Fight that temptation! Whether your me-time is a quiet 1/2 hour of meditation, taking a fitness class or getting a spa treatment, that time is important to re-energize and refuel   you properly so you feel ready to tackle the rest of your to-dos!


Speaking of spa treatments, the Village Health Clubs and Spas Decadence Body Treatment is a perfect gift you can give yourself that can help you relax, and bonus — look fabulous and refreshed for all those upcoming holiday gatherings!

This treatment begins with a full body scrub using a combination of pomegranate, cranberry and raw sugar to exfoliate and balance the skin. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenol, it buffs the skin without being too abrasive and stimulates circulation. The Chocolate Truffle Body Mask is then applied. While it sounds purely decadent, this is a professional results-oriented product from Eminence that reduces the signs of aging and helps refine skin’s appearance. After removing the body mask, the Village’s experts apply a cinnamon moisturizer featuring a stimulating blend of paprika and cinnamon to reduce the visible signs of cellulite; carrot and calendula then nourish and seal in moisture. This hour-long treatment leaves the skin soothed and hydrated, and you’re certain to feel pampered and ready to handle the holidays!

Want to book a spa appointment for yourself or as a gift? Contact your favorite Village Spa today to book an appointment!

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