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Village Personal Training New Member Orientation

By John Preston, Gainey Village Fitness Director

The first step of your health journey at the Village Health Clubs is joining the club. Congratulations, and welcome! The next step is a little more challenging. You’ll need to adopt a habit of regular physical activity. According to IHRSA (The International Heath, Racquet and Sportsclub Association), health club members are more likely to succeed in reaching their goals when they integrate into multiple activities available to them at their club. Additionally, members can further increase their potential for success by engaging with and developing relationships with their health club’s employees. Building relationships with the staff (and other members) leads to a sense of belonging and community that results in a deeper commitment to reaching your goals. The good news is that the staff here at the Village Clubs is ready to help.

New Member Orientation

While there are many ways to get integrated into the numerous activities that we offer here at the Village Clubs, the best way to get started on your fitness goals is to sign up for your New Member Orientation with one of our personal trainers. Our personal trainers are the extremely knowledgeable and must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science or a related subject. We are the only full-service health club in the region (and one of the few in the country) that requires this standard. Additionally, our personal trainers must hold an accredited national certification that meets the industry standards established by IHRSA. Now you might be wondering, what exactly can you expect from during your New Member Orientation?

What to expect

During your New Member Orientation, you will spend two 60-minutes sessions with one of our personal trainers. Your first session consists of a brief medical history, a consultation and a standard yet comprehensive fitness assessment. Both the medical history and the consultation will help your trainer become aware of any physical or medical issues that might necessitate modifications to your exercise program. The consultation will also help your trainer to understand your exercise history, your schedule, your health and fitness goals, your exercise/activity preferences and more. Lastly the fitness assessment will help both you and your trainer to understand exactly where you on your fitness journey today. The assessment includes body composition, flexibility, muscle endurance, functional ability and cardiovascular capacity measurements.

Fitness Assessment

We use a web-based fitness assessment software called Trainermetrics for our assessments. Your trainer will send you a PDF of your fitness assessment results shortly after your first session. You’ll also be able to log into your fitness assessment profile to view your results. As you retest overtime your online profile will track your progress with graphs and charts as you work toward achieving your goals.

Between your first and second appointment your personal trainer will take all the information that was collected during the first session and develop a personalized workout that is optimal for your place in your fitness journey.

During the second orientation session, your trainer will walk you through the hour-long workout, showing you how to do the exercises and making sure you are comfortable with your new routine.

Things you should know about our New Member Orientation:

  1. Every member can participate.

  2. Even if you’ve been a member for some time, you can still sign up for an orientation (as long as you haven’t done your orientation in the past).

  3. These two sessions are included in your membership (there is no cost to you).

  4. This is the best way to make sure you are exercising safely in our clubs

If you’ve yet to take advantage of our New Member Orientation, simply reach out to your club’s Fitness Director. Our Fitness Directors will ask a few questions so they can pair you up with the best trainer for you. Once you’re signed up for your orientation, just show up with a smile on your face and enjoy! You’ll thank yourself for taking this positive step toward better health!

Although this article took a deep dive on our personal training New Member Orientation process, I want you to know all the ways you can get involved at the Village Health Clubs. Here is a list of other professional services that you have access to for introductory orientations. Any employee can help connect you with the right person at your club for more information on any of these services.


  1. Pilates
  2. Nutrition Consultations
  3. Tennis
  4. Squash/Racquetball
  5. Massage/Spa Services
  6. Swimming
  7. Social Activities (hiking, golfing, happy hours, etc.)

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